Bad Ass Omar!

Most Recent Role: Omar Little on The Wire
Alias Name(s): Michael Williams, Michael K. Williams
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birth Name: Michael Kenneth Williams
Michael initially began his career as a dancer, having gotten serious about it at the age of twenty-three. Dancing led to a career as a choreographer, and he was soon working with artists such as Crystal Waters, Missy, Ginuwine and Mya before turning to acting in 1998. In addition to dancing, acting and working as a choreographer, Michael has also appeared in over four dozen music videos.

Naw come on yall, who is the Hell came up with the idea of Omar’s deaf?  That was ridiculous.  I know you live by the sword, you die by the sword, but geeze.  Omar would stick up all the duffle bag boys whenever he felt like it.  He did have some problems on that one sunday morning, which was truce day.  His enemies crossed the line church hat and all.  But I never thought I see Omar go out like THAT.

I feel a bit speechless, guys. I was just sitting there, contemplating the brand of cigarettes Omar smokes (Newports? And what does that meaaan?) when suddenly, the contents of his brain were splattered on the glass. I don’t know what end I expected for Omar — although the Shootout of the Century sounds about right — but I never expected him to go at the hands of a little boy. From its first season, “The Wire” has been challenging our romantic ideals of childhood, but damn if I still don’t get sucked in by the idea that these children could be saved somehow. I’m a former high school teacher, dammit. Still, even Omar wasn’t cynical enough to think a little kid could do him in. Like Heather pointed out, he saw Kenard come in and never even blinked. Omar was a hunted man, and he had to screw up sometime. But the mistake I never expected from Omar was to misjudge the streets. Turns out, shit’s worse than even he knew.


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